Carpet tiles & carpet tile planks

A beautiful marriage between style and function, our new range of carpet tiles and planks come in contemporary designs and colours that are never boring, while delivering the durability, flexibility and economy you expect in a carpet tile.

Taking inspiration from the colours and textures seen around us in nature, our carpet tiles and planks have been professionally designed to complement a wide range of decors and withstand the heaviest of foot traffic.

We identified a problem…

What to do with high foot traffic areas? Timber floors, ceramic tiles and concrete are hard-wearing and take a lot of punishment, however they can be loud underfoot, create echo in large spaces and feel cold and impersonal.

So we developed a solution…

Our carpet tiles and planks are also hard-wearing, however they muffle sound (they’re acoustic-rated), reduce echo, and bring warmth and personality to a room. They also have a soft-cushion feel underfoot that you don’t always get with a carpet tile.

Optimal solution for heavy foot traffic

  • Schools and libraries
  • Commercial offices
  • Receptions
  • Heavy-use passages
  • Community centres and halls
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Shopfronts
  • Airports
  • Heavy-use areas in the home.

Easy to install

Our carpet tiles don’t need an expert to be installed. They can be laid loose or glued in place – fast, easy and no-fuss!

Fastest Australia-wide delivery

We can deliver anywhere within Australia with a minimum 24-48 hour turnaround.


15 Year commercial heavy-duty warranty


Artistic Flooring has been able to provide us with a excellent range of carpet tiles that have outstanding colour, texture and price for our clientele in both the commercial and domestic markets.

We would strongly recommend their products as we have been using them for the last 3 years with complete customer satisfaction.

- Ian Bloomfield | Carpet One Australasia
Chairperson - 33 years flooring industry experience

The carpet tiles that Artistic Flooring supplied have been down 3 years now and still look as good as they did when first installed.

Extremely impressed with the ability of the product to handle the high traffic areas we have at our business office with over 20 staff. Highly recommended and I would encourage using their product for any commercial site.

- Tony Giles | AMG Chartered Accountants
1989 Company Founder & BBus Partner 
25 years industry experience

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We feature a suite of fantastic products that are ideal for most flooring projects. Whether the area is needing a simple, easy to install great new looking covering or even if an old space needs a revamp, there is an amazing cost-effective product just moments away.


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